Evan Steel Performance is a small,
personal, specialized shop that deals
with all aspects of motorcycle road
racing. E.S.P. bikes have had the
highest trap speeds in their classes at
AMA Nationals, as well as the highest
M.P.H. at start/finish at the 50th
annual Macau Grand Prix. E.S.P. is
open to any level of racing, from
basic race prep to planning a season
at the Nationals. The base shop is
located in Tucson, AZ, however Evan
also has a traveling shop with a
Dynojet dyno and trackside tuning

In house services include:
  • Suspension valving
  • Engine building
  • Cylinder head porting
  •  Valve jobs
  • Dyno tuning (for engine and
  • Chassis and engine
  • Specialty projects

Trackside services include:
  • Suspension valving
  • Dyno tuning
  • Personalized bike setup (hire
    for race weekends or track days)
  (520) 294 3050